Update – Life is kicking me in the…

So badly in fact, that this actually published on Wednesday as a page instead of a post, making it impossible for anyone to see and I just figured it out!  I’m so sorry!!!

I’m going to be putting everything on hold for a bit, mostly the link party.  I’m not giving it the attention it needs and it’s not fair to my contributors.  I will bring it back eventually, but not until I can devote the time it deserves.  Thank you for sticking with me.

I am still crocheting somewhat and have almost finished the next squares in my CAL, but I really prefer to show the finished square instead of it just half done.  I hope to have a great post for you next week, but I’m taking this one off.  It’s been a little crazy here with it being the last week of school.  I’ve had to run out of my house with barely enough time to look decent too many times to count lately!

I will be back next week, but for now I’m giving myself permission to focus on my family.  Sometimes, it’s just what we need to do.


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