The end and the beginning

So crocheting didn’t happen this week and I mean NOT AT ALL!  Though, I did go buy more yarn and have an idea for yet another project.  Don’t we always?  This is definitely going to put me behind a little more with my CAL and I’ll need to make it up eventually I suppose.  Or not? Nowhere in the “rules” does it state that I have to be on the same schedule as everyone else, right?

So what have I been doing instead?

Well the last day of school is right around the corner and finals are in full swing.  While I’m not in school, the two kids that still live at home are.  Sabrina is a sophomore in college in the pre-med program, and that’s why she still lives at home!  I guess if the word medical is added to something, you automatically get to bump up the price, lol.

In order for her to afford books, tuition, and fees, I volunteered to cover the basics until she’s really ready to go off on her own.  She handles her car, insurance, gas, phone, spending money, and any food that no one else will eat, but I take care of everything else.  Basically, if she’s not home for dinner, she’s on her own.  But back to finals.  While she’s been studying, I’ve been trying to help her out.  She forgets something, I bring it to her.  If she’s getting really stressed, I meet her for lunch.  She needs a study partner to run through flash cards with, I’m there.

Sabrina is also a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity.  I didn’t know women had fraternities until she joined.  I still can’t tell you the difference between a sorority and a fraternity, but it has something to do with grade point average and charitable events.  They had their annual White Violet formal recently and we went through a whirlwind of dress shopping.  She goes to school full-time, has two part-time jobs, and holds office with ZTA so her schedule is always tight.  We hit six stores, trying on every dress she liked, in two hours. Three days before the event! Luckily, we did find the perfect dress at beyond the perfect price.

Sabrina in Formal Dress
Sabrina in Formal Dress

Zakkary is ALL boy!

Then there’s Zakkary, he’s in 7th grade and covering the Georgia Milestone testing.  Every US state has their own mandated testing throughout the school year.  FCAT for Florida and CAT for California, at least when I lived there, they’ve probably changed the names since but it’s still all the same.  We’ve been studying every night instead of watching tv and crocheting.

I’ve also recently agreed to let him try motocross and he was supposed to have his first practice today.  With studying and needing to be in bed at a decent time, the 6:30 to 8:30 practice was skipped.  He’ll start with the next one on Friday.  I’m highly nervous about it, but I don’t ever want to hold the kids back from something they might love and have a passion for.  So we’re giving it go, now that I’ve checked our insurance coverage, lol.

Zakk practicing Motocross
Zakk practicing Motocross

Me Time?

During the days while they’re both at school, I tackle housework (since I work 40 hour weekends).  This week, I’ve been doing more than just tackling it, I’ve been deep cleaning and tossing unneeded items!  I have a six month rule.  If it hasn’t been used in six months, it’s gone.  Craft items are exempt, of course!  The kids things are also sort of exempt, Sabrina’s on her own as she’s in her 20s.  Zakk and I go through his room every year before Christmas and then I usually go in sometime in the summer.  However, the past few years, I haven’t been holding onto that rule.  A lot of it has to do with family members passing on and leaving us things.  It’s so hard to throw out things you don’t use, but that were given to you by family that are no longer with you.

Today I let go though.  The salt and pepper shakers that like to come apart all the time, I put them in the garbage.  That was one of the harder items.  They had belonged to my husband’s grandparents, the old wood ones with the crank at the top for grinding.  But the cranks were always falling off.  And the old stained, mustard colored Tupperware bowls.  Another pass down from his grandparents. They literally sit in my cabinet collecting dust.  I’m running out of room for dishes we do use!  And do coffee cups just multiply on their own?  I think ours have been breeding like rabbits! Fourteen of them went into the Goodwill box today.  We do still have enough dinner and dessert plates to feed at least 20 though.  Half are everyday Corningware, the other half silver-rimmed china for special occasions.  I’m hanging on to both.

It All Has A Point…

This is all in preparation for the kitchen remodel.  I actually bought paint today too!  I wanted color, but nothing that would really stand out.  I’ve revealed my new pot holders in my chosen color palette, so it had to go with those.  We also have blonde cabinets with dark-colored countertops. I picked out both a few years ago and I still love them, so I don’t want those to change.  So all of those existing items led me to choose Blue Light by Glidden.  I hate the name, I keep thinking “Blue Light Special” but I figure I never have to say this is my blue light special kitchen, so I’m over it.

My kitchen paint color - Glidden Blue Light
My kitchen paint color – Glidden Blue Light

I also picked up brackets for the shelves I’ve already stained to match the cabinets.  So it’s starting!  I’m hoping to paint sometime in the next few days, but I’m honestly not sure it’s going to happen that fast.  Even if it does, it’s just a preliminary paint job.  I won’t be painting behind cabinets or the refrigerator yet (maybe).  The fridge, that may get pulled out again even though I cleaned under it last week.  It was making noises and I decided maybe it was time to clean the condenser coil.  It wasn’t too bad, but the floor needed a good sweeping and mopping!

Currently, my top cabinets do not match my bottom ones.  When we bought and installed the bottoms, I wasn’t quite sure yet what I wanted to do on top.  I’m still not 100% sure, but I’m entertaining the idea of building them myself so that I can really customize them. Pre-fab just seem to waste so much room.  We don’t store anything really tall in ours, so there’s a ton of wasted space where I could add an additional shelf.  So we’ll see.  I’m dead set on building a custom island, so it just depends on how well that works out and my motivation level.  I’m giving myself full room to chicken out and buy the matching top cabinets!

So that’s where all my crocheting time has gone to.

Unfortunately, there will not be before pictures of my kitchen.  We picked up the house really cheap as it needed a ton of work.  I’m too embarrassed by the fact that I’ve dealt with it mostly as is for this long.  It’s really, really horrible.  There’s a non-functioning stereo built INTO the wall next to my sink. The overhead speaker has just been a hole for the last three years! Crap, there’s another item I forgot to add to the remodel list.  Patch the ceiling, guess I’m painting that now too!

Keep creating. I know I will.

8 thoughts on “The end and the beginning

  1. My goodness Trudy! I really can’t see how you didn’t have time to crochet though! LOL I love the way you are matching your paint to your potholders! That is proof that you are indeed a yarnoholic!! My kitchen is so tiny I’m embarrassed to show pictures of it!! Your daughter looks gorgeous and wow you must be so so proud of her!! I am and I don’t even know her!! I’m glad that my kids never were interested in anything dangerous. I’m not sure I could handle it. You should bubble wrap him up before he goes out motocrossing! 😀

    1. I’ll admit, I matched my potholders to the DIY canisters I made previously. You can never go wrong with white and touches of blue! I’m very proud of all the kids. The boys aren’t as terrific at school as the girls are, making it take longer to realize that it’s not the be all, end all. They still manage As and Bs, but each one of them has something they’re absolutely terrific at. It doesn’t always have to be schoolwork. Zakk is amazing at anything physical. He can pick it up and run with it and it’s so scary! Until him, I could brag that none of the six kids had ever had a broken bone or stitches. He’s now had stitches ending my safety streak. Waiting on the broken bone next!

      1. You must be so excited! It’s going to be amazing – I can’t wait to see it. Are you going to take the stereo out of the wall? I kind of hope you leave it – build a frame around it so it looks like wall art!! LOL! 😀

      2. That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do! The temporary plan is to put up a kitchen related little sign to cover it up. Eventually another cabinet will take it’s place, but I need it gone soon!! Have you seen the kitchen art like “Whip It Good” with a whisk or “Chop It Like It’s Hot”? Going to do something similar. Another art idea that will find a place, “Many Have Eaten Here, Few Have Died”. Have to have a sense of humor!

  2. Wow, so many things going on! What a lovely daughter you have there! So exciting about the kitchen remodeling. We’re just planning on repainting our living room and dining room and I am beyond excited (can’t wait to attack the kitchen in a few years!).

    1. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time! I tend ,to jump in and decide I’ll figure out the mistakes as I go. I tackle everything that way, even when I shouldn’t, lol. Luckily I haven’t made any horrible mistakes yet, surprisingly!

  3. My head spun a little with all the stuff going on haha. Your daughter is super pretty, oh to be young again LOL. I need to do something with my kitchen like burn it because it’s so ugly but hopefully if i ever move i won’t need to go that far! Exciting times though, will look nice once you’ve done it 😀 – Also as far as i am aware no rules in the CAL’s go with the flow 🙂

    1. Miss Rebecca, thank you very much for the compliments. If my life isn’t crazy, I’m lost! I’ve also considered burning down my kitchen, lol.

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