Reusable items to help get rid of the trash!

Sweeper Cover In Progress

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d share with you a few reusable items that I use around my house.  I’m not necessarily an environmental junkie, however, I don’t like throwing money away.  And if I can reduce my footprint at the same time, awesome!  Paper towels, Swiffer pads, paper[Read more]

A Handmade Easter – Crochet eggs, bunnies, and baskets

Crochet Easter Bunny Basket with crochet egg- side view

A handmade Easter, or any holiday for that matter, is my favorite.  When I was little, my mom made us all Easter baskets.  She had purchased branch baskets (I don’t know what they’re actually called, but you know what I’m talking about), lined them and then made faces and ears[Read more]

Organizing “Us” – My blogging pursuit

I’ve been working over the last few weeks on really learning the world of blogging. Pinterest for business, networking, web and graphic design, etc. The biggest tip, no matter what the process or format, is planning and organization!  Without a plan, it’s just a dream right? Right now, this blog[Read more]

DIY Glitter Dipping Tutorial for travel mugs, cake stands, party favors and much more!

DIY Glitter-Dipping Tutorial

This is it, my first tutorial – DIY Glitter Dipping, my new favorite thing!  I used to teach live quilting classes on location, but that situation gives immediate feedback when something’s not clear.  Online, without a live audition, I just have to cross my fingers until someone finds a mistake…oops! [Read more]