Storage Solutions for Messy Crafting Spaces – Guest Post

I’m really happy to announce we have our first guest post!  Demi from Clean Start Services has shared with us a terrific article on storage solutions for organizing crafting spaces.  In my opinion, no matter how beautifully laid out your craft area may be, there’s always a need for improvement.  So I hope that her article will help all of us even just a little bit with this never-ending battle!!

Keep it clean: Storage Solutions for Messy Crafting Spaces

Whether you have a corner, a desk or an entire room as a crafting space keeping your materials neat and easy to reach makes the experience of crafting even more exciting and allows for the creative juices to flow freely unburden by the sole ugly sight of a messy workplace. Organizing one’s crafting space could be an extremely personal and in the same time stressing endeavor. Some people prefer their working place messy and even unhygienic which could either be a result of laziness or simply the clustured workplace has a profound effect of their productivity.

Storage Solutions - Tips for a Clutter Free Craft Space
Tips for a Clutter Free Craft Space

What most people have a problem with is usually finding a starting point. If your crafting space is too messy, too stuffed or too dirty the best way to begin is to start from scratch. Clear out the whole desk and start fresh. While some people might have an excuse for their messy work station, such as space limitation there are some very useful and creative ways to keep your desk as well as your mind organized while staying productive.


In most cases cleanliness equals productivity and if your desk is a mess there will be no room left for creativity. If you cannot think of a way to organize your items by yourself you can get your inspiration from websites, magazines or simply ask a friend for an advice. What might work and is also considered a good first step, is getting rid of all the unnecessary objects, which some people might find harder because we tend to get attached to certain objects which have no use what so ever but still find a permanent place on our work station, you might be surprised that once done you will probably find a peace of mind. Get rid of as many unimportant items as possible until you are left with the bare necessities. Find fresh replacement for items that are no longer current or out of date, if the thought of throwing some of them away makes you feel uneasy just put them in storage.
Adding an easy to reach drawer next to your desk can give you plenty of space to store non-essential supplies which can be taken out if needed.

Storage Solutions - Make your own storage pegboard
Make your own storage pegboard

Always keep a trashcan nearby. This might be the sole reason for your messy workplace. Use storage boxes or containers to help you stay clean and organized, label them and start filling them up with all your needed materials. Keep unrelated subject out of sight as they can serve as a great distraction in the workplace which does not mean to make it dull, adding decorations and replacing the non-useful items with flowers or other decorations might give your desk a little personality.

Tidying up your desk before leaving at the end of the day will definitely result in tomorrows inspiration. Set a regular scheduled cleaning time and use it to sort out the objects on your desk. By doing this every day you will not need to tidy up for long, but if you have not cleaned your desk in weeks you might spend an hour or so doing this laborious activity instead of being productive and creative. Starting your work day by having space to actually work will definitely improve your productivity. Putting things away as soon as you are finished using them can serve you well on the path to unburden working atmosphere.

Storage Solutions - Fantastic ideas for organizing your supplies
Fantastic ideas for organizing your supplies

Studies have shown that people are more productive when their workplace is clean. No cluster, dust or unpleasant smell will lead to confidence and precision, it will also help your coworkers to judge you positively.

Thank you so much Demi for sharing with us. Hopefully my own craft area will look a little better now!

If you’d like to apply to be a guest blogger on our site, e-mail me at [email protected].  Ultimately, I’m always looking for great submissions!

Keep creating. I know I will!

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