Project Flood with a Word Drought

I’ve had many personal blogs, mostly for sharing pictures of the kids with out of state family.  But this is my first serious, serious blog (never too serious!).  However, it’s been really difficult to get it going.  I mean choosing the template (to be redesigned later, it is called designing[Read more]

Why “Designing Us”?

Designing Us is literally about designing things around my family’s interests.  I love to create, but I tend to curate projects more than design them, “Curating Us” just wasn’t as catchy!  It started out with quilting, then making things to decorate the kid’s bedrooms.  Other family members started seeing these[Read more]

Designing.Us Etsy is now live!

It only took me, well forever, to get the Etsy shop up and running.  In that time, I didn’t do much to the blog and I started a whole ‘nother category of crafting: crochet.  And that’s why it’s called Designing Us, because you never know what hobby I’m going to[Read more]

Just Born!

Happy Birthday to Designing Us!  And by that I mean, this is the first day of this blogs public life.  I’m not currently promoting Designing Us as it is pretty empty.  So if you happened to have wandered across it, thank you for visiting and please come again to see[Read more]