Nuts About Squares – Week 8 Part 1

Tropical Delight Crochet Square, free crochet pattern designed by Susan Stevens, part of the Nuts About Squares CAL by Esther from It's All In A Nutshell.
Tropical Delight Crochet Square, free crochet pattern designed by Susan Stevens, part of the Nuts About Squares CAL by Esther from It’s All In A Nutshell.

In case you’re just joining me on the Crochet Along, Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell put together this gorgeous project and I jumped in! The squares she chose are amazing and I’m learning a ton of new techniques!  If you’d like to take a look at my previous squares, click here to go back to Week one.

Week 8 Tropical Delight Crochet Square
Week 8 Tropical Delight Crochet Square

For week 8 we actually make two different patterns, one square of Tropical Delight and two of Cat’s Claw. Both designs are really beautiful so I’ve decided Week 8 will actually be a two-part post. So for this week, I’m going to show you the Tropical Delight square by Susan Stevens. The pattern was originally published by Herrschener’s, but is out of print. Mellie of Melliblossom called them and received permission to post the pattern on her blog!

Tropical Delight - a very intricate pattern
Tropical Delight – a very intricate pattern

Besides really wanting to celebrate each individual designer/design, the two-part post was decided on because this square was extremely intricate and took quite a bit of time to stitch up.  I keep telling you how much I love the texture of all of these squares.  Well Tropical Delight takes that texture to the next level and I have to flat-out call this one three-dimensional!

Tropical Delight Crochet Square - This square goes from textured to three dimensional!
This square goes from textured to three-dimensional!

For this CAL, Esther provides video instructions for every square as well as written patterns.  Even though I’m stitching these gorgeous, difficult looking designs, I still call myself a beginner.  So I tend to use the videos for the first square of each design, then the pattern for the subsequent ones.  Mostly just because I want to make sure I’m always starting the new color on the right stitch. I truly believe that without the video on this design, it wouldn’t have happened for me.  Esther explains it so well that I had very little difficulty stitching it up, not to mention, I love her voice!  Since I keep talking about them, let me link you up to her YouTube Channel where you can find all the instructional videos on the Nuts About Squares Playlist.  She also has other CALs available and you can find those videos there as well!

But let’s move onto really showing you this square!  It starts out big from the get go, no little singles or doubles here.  Nope popcorn stitches are where this bad boy begins!  Then we move along to the overlapping “petals” working from the back of the square.  We actually did a lot of work on the back, another reason that video came in handy!

Tropical Delight Crochet Square - It all starts with popcorn stitches!
It all starts with popcorn stitches!

The next round was normal for this CAL, with a little shell stitch.  Round four was very simple, just a slip stitch embellishment and that blew my mind!!  Slip stitches happen all the time, you use them to move from one place to another and join rounds.  I never had seen what this stitch looked like when it wasn’t on work of the same color so this simple little embellishment made me so excited!  The many things I could quickly embellished this way now!!  My experienced crocheters are probably laughing at me right now, but this just goes to show you I really am a beginner!

The slip stitch embellishment really adds a bit of depth
The slip stitch embellishment really adds a bit of depth

The leaves and flower buds came next and the whole time I was working these two rounds, I kept thinking my tension was too loose and these things were going to be flopping all over the place.  I should’ve trusted the designer.  The gray shells above the buds tightened everything up and ensured my square wasn’t going to look a wreck at the end.

The shell stitch holds everything together nicely.
The shell stitch holds everything together nicely.

We brought this huge 3-D flower to square with some triple treble stitches for corners. I love my treble stitches, but these weren’t quite as fun.  Still more exciting than a plain old double, but I found the straight trebles are my enjoyment middle ground, especially if they’re post trebles!

Triple trebles!!!
Triple trebles!!!

The rest of the rounds were just completing the square but we did have another round of slip stitch embellishment that I again loved.  That brick rose color in the middle of the borders was just perfect!

Rose colored slip stitch embellishment
Rose colored slip stitch embellishment

I keep mentioning that I learn so much from these designs and that I really am a beginner.  Last week I learned something else… Working over my yarn tails isn’t going to keep them secure in the wash.  I found this out on a different project that I threw in the washer on a delicate cycle and my heart dropped.  Up until this week in the CAL, I’ve always just worked over my tails unless it wasn’t possible.  The back of this finished afghan isn’t going to be very pretty after a while *sad face*.  I’m really, really disappointed with that. I guess that’s the great thing about quilting, you stitch a backing on the quilt hiding all the seams.  Afghans don’t have the same forgiveness.  So I am now finding out why a lot of color changes in a project can be a pain!  Live and learn!

Weaving in the ends!
Weaving in the ends!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed me REALLY going into detail this week.  Since I’ve only highlighted one square in this weeks step, I’m going to wait on the grid showing them all together. It will make part 2 that much more exciting!

Keep creating. I know I will!

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  1. It’s so beautiful. CAL’s are a fantastic way to learn a load of new skills.
    We all hate sewing in the ends but these patterns with lots of colours are such so darn lovely. What can we do? We just have to sew the ends in as we go i think, that’s what I do anyway.
    Julie recently posted…Little House Lavender BagsMy Profile

    1. I do weave ends in after I finish every block, I can’t imagine doing them all at the same time. It would never get finished!

    1. It HAS been a ton of fun and I learn new things with every single design. Thank you for visiting Jelica!

    1. Doesn’t that always happen!?! If I only had the time (and energy) to make everything I wanted to. It never ends, lol!

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