Missing link party

The last week and a half has been crazy!!!  Two major life changes and a surgery (non-serious) have made me decide to take a break this week. The features from last week will be carried over to the next link party. 

As for the life changes, I was offered an amazing job with all day shifts and I made a major decision to finalize the two year separation from my husband. I feel both decisions are for the best. 

The job starts Monday and I am finishing out my two week notice this weekend. That gives me an 80 hour work week, so I’m going to give myself this little break before the chaos begins. 

The surgery was dental. I have a nutrition deficiency that has ruined my teeth and I finally bit the bullet to get it corrected. My metabolism is so high, my body doesn’t have time to absorb vitamins and minerals from what I eat (and I’m slightly addicted to junk food, lol).  This morning, I had the first of two titanium implants installed. This comes with a nice bone graft on my jaw as well. I’m doing fine and it was actually a lot less painful than I thought it would be. But with the crazy week coming I’m going to take it easy. 

I hope you’ve had a good week and will have some amazing things to share next Thursday!

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