DIY Throw Pillows – You’re going to want all of these!

I love, love, love DIY throw pillows and I’m always on the lookout for new, cute ideas.  Since January is the time for White sales, room makeovers and just freshening up your spaces in general, I’d thought I’d bring out a little of my idea stash today. I’ve included some great DIY looks, ranging from quick and easy to a little bit more involved with sewing and crochet.

So in true curator fashion, here’s twelve great patterns and tutorials for you to try!



Simple Throw Pillow



This simple throw pillow tutorial by This Big Oak Tree has great step by step photos and whips up quick.  Simple sewing techniques make this a great beginner’s project!


Re-purposed Sweater Pillows



I hate throwing things away when they still have some use in them and Tidbits makes Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose easy with these Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows!  Not only does this step-by-step tutorial encourage reuse, but Cami includes great tips for getting that professional look.  I actually have three sweaters sitting off to the side waiting on me to do this.

Zippered Pillow Cover has an absolutely terrific tutorial for making a pillow cover with a zipper.  The instructions are geared toward first time zipper inserters so it’s another great beginner’s project!




This pillow by A Sparkle of Genius is a little bit different as it’s more of a step-by-step tutorial within a product review.  She gives great instruction so you can do the technique even without purchasing the Paint-A-Pillow Kit.  The biggest benefit of the kit is that the pillow cover is already made for you!  If you really are having a hard time finding that perfect fabric to match your room, this would be perfect!

Pinched Throw Pillow



Now, we move into the more advanced tutorials, whether it be technique or equipment.  This Pinched Throw Pillow by Thrifty and Chic not only has a tutorial for a basic 10 minute pillow cover, but also shows you how to get this look with just about any store-bought cover, then turns around and gives another tutorial for a matching duvet!

No-Sew Cricut Pillow Cover



This tutorial from Style Me Pretty uses store-bought covers with a Cricut machine to design just about anything imaginable!  This showcases a Christmas theme, however it could be used for anything.

Big & Cozy Floor Pillow



Not really a throw pillow, although my kids would be throwing themselves onto it! This floor pillow cover by Red Heart measures in at 30″ wide and 27″ long, making it super comfy in a reading nook or even just to lay on while watching tv.  This easy crochet pattern uses a super bulky yarn, making it a relatively fast, trendy project.

Small & Large Sprocket Pillows



Get out your ruler and rotary cutter out, these pieced Sprocket Pillows by Cluck Cluck Sew are amazing!  Alison uses a template to make the sections making it a breeze to line everything up perfectly.  The details on these pillows will definitely get lots of compliments.

Cabled Loop Pillow



I love cables and the Cabled Loop Pillow pattern combines both pillow and cabled crochet into one awesome project!  I think there’s nothing more interesting than a cabled crochet throw pillow featured on the couch.

Bobble-licious Pillows



Yarnspirations Bobble-licious Pillows add pop to any decor!   Once again using crochet, this free pattern measures in at 20″ square.  With texture to die for, use vibrant colored yarn to add a splash of color and interest to any room.

Cozy Crochet Pillows



JoAnns brings another free crochet pattern to our rooms with the Cozy  Crochet Pillows.  I love the different shapes of the neck roll and round pillows, once again adding dimension and interest.

Textured Pillow Trio



Last, but not least in any way, this Textured Pillow Trio by Red Heart is the perfect pillow assortment.  Yet another free pattern, I just love the cables and waffle stitch.  Okay, I just love texture in general!



I’ll definitely be making some of these up, especially with the three sweaters sitting on my to-do pile in my craft room.  I also have patterns on that project list for three bobble crochet pillows as well and I hope to get to them soon!  In the meantime, I’m always adding to my Pinterest Boards and you can follow me for more great throw pillow ideas!


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