Designing You! Link Party #12 – November 9, 2017

Cutting it close to the wire again with this one.  I took a break last week because things were getting a little hectic, little did I realize that this week would be even more so.  First week of November and the holiday orders started coming in!  Very thankful for every single one, of course, but I may have to suspend the Etsy shop for a little bit to get caught up.

Recovery from my dental surgery is going well, though still in progress with a check up in the morning.  My start date for the new job was pushed back to this coming Monday, so instead of an 80 hour work week, I’m in the middle of a nice week “off”.  That doesn’t mean it has been any less stressful, lol.  Does anyone else ever feel like work is a break?  I do a lot of the time.  Responsibilities are laid out, cut and dry, you know what’s expected of you and the timeline to get it done in.  Home life isn’t nearly so linear and full of so many more distractions!

But speaking of distractions, I’m getting away from the focus of our link party!  Our features this week are from the party two weeks ago, since I skipped the last week.  The projects shared were wonderful and started putting me in the Holiday Spirit: Fall crafts, baked goodies and some quick, easy projects that could easily become gift ideas.  But let me share my favorites:

Designing You! Feature

Our first feature is week is the Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking by Atelier Marie-Lucienne.  With step by step photos with written instructions, it truly looks like an easy project and in plenty of time to get some made for Christmas!  She also has a fair coming up that makes me wish I lived a whole lot closer instead of across an entire ocean!

Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking by Atelier Marie-Lucienne- A Designing You! Feature
Easy Crochet Christmas Stocking by Atelier Marie-Lucienne- A Designing You! Feature

Designing You! Feature

Our second feature of the week is the DIY Multi-Colour Tassel Key Chain by White House Crafts.  A trendy, quick project that would be a cute and appreciated gift.  I’d love to find one in my stocking this year, of course, I’d also like it attached to a key for a brand new car, but I don’t think I’ve been THAT good this year ;).  The one shown uses embroidery floss, but I’m sure the yarn in my stash would look great too.  Or maybe even leather.  Once again, a cute project that would be very versatile.

DIY Multi-Colour Tassel Key Chain by White House Crafts - A Designing You! Feature
DIY Multi-Colour Tassel Key Chain by White House Crafts – A Designing You! Feature

Now onto this week’s party.

Designing You! Link Party
Designing You! Thursday Link Party

Spread your creativity and share your posts every Thursday with Designing You!  To get the most out of this link party, share and pin the links you love!   We want to support each other as much as possible.  If you pin, please make sure to click on the picture, and pin from the post; not this page.  Pinning from the thumbnails will direct traffic to me, not the creator and we don’t want that.  All links will also be pinned to our Designing You! Pinterest board.

The rules for the Designing You! link party are simple:

  • Did you make it? If yes, then terrific, link it up!
  • Add the link to a specific blog post, not your main site URL.
  • Link up to 3 posts each week.
  • Engage – visit at least two other links * comment – share – pin it if you love it – let’s support one another *
  • Display the Designing You! link party graphic somewhere on your post or site. Using the following code is the best way:
    <div align="center"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Designing You! Link Party"><img src="" alt="Designing You Link Party" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

So Let’s Link Up!

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