DIY Chalkboard Holder for Hairbows

Hairbows are absolutely adorable on little girls. If yours are anything like mine, we have a TON of them and we’re starting to get overrun!  Doesn’t hurt that I’m constantly making new ones to add to the collection.  We needed to get them under control and this trendy little project did just that!

DIY Chalkboard Holder for Hairbows
DIY Chalkboard Holder for Hairbows

Items you’ll need:

Pinterest is always a good place to start!

I feel pretty comfortable with freehand designs so I scanned Pinterest for flourishes and hearts.  It helped to form an idea of what I wanted.  I put Shalyn’s name on first in a curly font and then filled the corners with alternating designs. The chalk I used is the Bistro Chalk Marker, found at Wal-Mart, for about $3.99.  It doesn’t easily smear after it dries which is a really good thing around kids.  In fact, I found out last Christmas with this chalkboard and this marker (when our Elf on the Shelf decided to leave little signs up all over demanding cookies) that if you leave the marker on for a few weeks, a magic eraser is the best way (maybe only way?) to remove ALL of the chalk!

After the chalk dried, I cut five strands of ribbon 16 inches each and hot glued them to the back of the chalkboard.  I tied a knot at the end of each one so they wouldn’t slip off, just in case we had a loose bow.  You could also go a bit further if you have a lot of headbands, fold the ribbon into a loop and stitch a line across to hold it.

Optionally to finish it off, cut a piece of felt (you could also use a pretty fabric) to fit the back.  Apply a thin line of hot glue around the edge, then press the fabric firmly to hide the ribbon ends.  I cut the twine hanger off the top and fed an inch piece of ribbon through the same holes and knotting the ends on back.

Easy, trendy Chalkboard Hairbow Holder
Easy, trendy Chalkboard Hairbow Holder

Hairbows are no longer running rampant!

Shalyn’s my step-daughter and she splits time between our house and mom’s, so she received one for each house.  When I make her hairbows, I finally also started duplicating them so she could have one at each house.  I have made some for Sabrina, but at 21 she’s not really excited about them, for some odd reason!  Every once in a while, I can get her to wear a plain one.  Or on days we’re watching Alabama football *ROLL TIDE*!

Anyway, it definitely helped us corral them all and makes it a lot easier to find the one she wants quickly.  Hopefully you’ll find that it’s also a great way for you to get your little one’s hair accessories under control!

Keep creating! I know I will.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard Holder for Hairbows

  1. What an awesome idea!! I have no hairbows or anyone that wears hairbows but I love how this looks and I’m trying to think of other uses for it. LOL about your daughter not wanting hairbows – I should make my daughters a whole basket full of them just to see the confused look on their faces! They would probably want to have a family meeting afterwards to talk about if it’s time for them to look for a home for me! LOLOL 😀
    Tami recently posted…Fantastic Bake Along – Pizza Party!!My Profile

    1. Other uses, hmmmmmmm. Maybe instead of ribbons to hold hairbows, you could make a pocketed pouch to go underneath it. You could keep stitch markers, hooks, etc in it. And instead of your name, write “touch and die” :D. Or attach plant hooks and use as a key holder. I’m thinking of making another for the dog leashes, brush, etc. Put a little paw print border around it with his name in the center.
      This post has been sitting in my drafts forever, the holder was actually made two years ago. I have taken and retaken pictures three different times and I just can’t get good ones. I gave up. Maybe I’ll get a good picture of the next one. And hey, I myself wore that Halloween bow (first one in the picture) this last Halloween, lol. I’m sure it looked funny with my scrubs (I had to go straight into work), but whatever!

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