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The August 2017 Calendar, Wallpaper, and Printables are coming out right on time!  For August, I chose to feature a beautiful Sunflower pattern from Cindy at Skip to my Lou.  Her pattern is so detailed with pictures showing you every step of the way, you’ll love it!

Last month we made a few road trips through South Georgia and for some reason I had to point out every single sunflower field to the kids. “Look, there’s more sunflowers!”  To me, they are the perfect end of summer flower.  Their blossoms highlighting Fall colors as they peak in July and usher in Autumn.

So let’s get to it.  I’ve created one with a calendar and one without for Desktop, Tablet/iPad and Phone.  I also made it into an 8 x 10 printable, in case you’d also/rather hang it in your favorite crochet space.  Just right-click the link to “save as”, “save image”, or print! If the links don’t work, please leave a comment and I’ll fix it as quickly as I can.

August 2017 Calendar Downloads and Printables


August 2017 Wallpaper w/Calendar – Desktop

August 2017 Wallpaper w/Calendar – Tablet/iPad

August 2017 Wallpaper w/Calendar – Phone

August 2017 Calendar – Printable

August Wallpaper – Desktop

August Wallpaper – Tablet/iPad

August Wallpaper – Phone

Besides giving you a pattern and some useful downloads, this time I also made sure to use it in a project.  Last month I featured stars, but now I have a dozen of the little things lying around.  So I’m also going to give you a cute project for those at the end of the post as well.  For the Sunflower, I used Lion Brand Heartland yarns in Sequoia and Yellowstone.

Crochet Sunflower Hair Clip
Crochet Sunflower Hair Clip

The project for this one seemed a little unusual to me, but I later found out that my newly acquired sunflower obsession had a purpose.  One of my closest friends has twin 2-year-old girls and I decided that my sunflowers were going to be hair clips for them. The whole time I was doing this, I couldn’t understand why I felt that it was the perfect gift, but the feeling was really strong.  As I finished gluing them to alligator clips, I found out that one of the family’s friends had lost their 4-year-old daughter.  My friend had always called the little girl her Sunflower due to her big brown eyes and messy halo of blonde hair. Mom had gotten a sunflower tattoo in honor of her and I knew then that I was being prompted to make the twins something that could honor her as well. *It’s okay, I’m crying too*  

Now that I’ve wiped away my tears again, let me show you how I attached the blossoms to the clips.  Please excuse my dried out, non-manicured hands.  The medical field is rough!

Hot glue the ribbon to the alligator clip

I like to cover my clips and hair barrettes with ribbon to give the whole thing a finished look.  The ribbon is just slightly wider than the clip, so almost no metal shows once it’s covered. To do this, I like to start on the inside of the clip.   Place the ribbon inside between the top and bottom and apply a thin line of hot glue to the ribbon itself.  Release the clip and give the glue a second or two to adhere well.

Glue the ribbon all the way around the clip
Glue the ribbon all the way around the clip

Continue around the clip, at this point I usually apply glue to the clip itself now that my placement is established.  The “pinching” area can be a little tough. I put a dab of glue on the inside of each one and then start pressing the ribbon in, making sure to press my finger against the spring to make sure it has enough ribbon there to function.

I burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent raveling
I burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent raveling

You want the end of the ribbon to end up on the top of the clip, that way it won’t show after you’ve applied your decoration (in this case, our sunflower).  Burning the end of the ribbon will keep it from raveling.

Glue the alligator clips to the sunflowers
Glue the alligator clips to the sunflowers

Once your clip is covered, add another strip of hot glue to the top and press it into the back of the sunflower.  Let the clip sit for an hour before using so that the glue has plenty of time to dry and adhere.  Ta-da crochet for your hair!

Now, let’s put those July stars to use.  Whistle and Ivy has a terrific project to show them off.  When I wrote up my pattern, I thought I was being original and using double-crochet stitches to make the centers bigger. Ha-ha, I was wrong.  Her free pattern does the same thing.  Oh well, I tried *grin*.

Twinkling Stars Crochet Wallhanging by Whistle and Ivy
Twinkling Stars Crochet Wallhanging by Whistle and Ivy

This would look so cute in a nursery!!  If you make either the sunflower clips or the star wallhanging, I’d love for you to show it off by tagging #designingus on Facebook or Instagram!!

Keep creating. I know I will!

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11 thoughts on “August 2017 Calendar, Wallpaper, and Printables

  1. Those sunflowers look great! Such a good idea to turn them into hair clips too 😊 and the reason why you did it is just so sad but so sweet too.

    1. The twin’s mom was the one who led me through my first tentative steps into crochet. I’m so thrilled to now be able to yarn out her daughters!

    1. Cindy really did a terrific job, especially with the overlapping petals and “bubbly” center. I was really thrilled to be able to do it.

    1. Thank you Jelica! I hope to continue with the crochet theme and eventually expand into a few other crafty areas. Stay tuned!

  2. I love the August sunflower theme! How amazing that your hook was being guided to honor the “little sunflower”. Such a sad story, I can’t even imagine what “mom” is going through. We have a farm a few miles away from where I live that plants fields of sunflowers every year. They sell the sunflowers and donate all of the money to the Make a Wish foundation. It’s a huge community event and people come from all over the state to participate.
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